The project WellTo associates the countries which support tourism development and have adopted long-term strategies, that include wellness tourism - Bulgaria, Latvia, Slovakia and Slovenia. The project is based on collaboration of the national qualifications autorities, VET provides and wellness and hotel companies and it will include the international mobilities, that will encourage work-based learning.


1. To design joint qualification - Administrator of Wellness Centre.

2.  To provide common quality standards for qualification’s implementation during school-based and work-based learning.

3.  To ensure effective cooperation between VET schools and wellness tourism companies in planning, organization, provision, recognition and certification of

     WBL, included when provided in transnational mobility.

4.  Create conditions for official acknowledgement of the joint qualification in the partner countries (except Germany).

5.  To ensure prerequisites for sustainable joint qualification implementation in the partner countries and beyond the partnership.


1. The AWC Qualification Profile will be defined.

2. The design of the joint AWC curriculum will be carried out.

3. Guidelines for Quality Assurance of the joint curriculum implementation will be elaborated in line with EQAVET using alignment modules and EQAVET+          Indicative descriptors at provider level, as well as EQAVET – Quality Assuring Work-based learning.

4. The content of joint AWC curricula related to assessment will be specified in Assessment standards.


1. Establishment of European Wellness Tourism Skills Network (EWTSN).

2.  Appointment and training of WBL mediators (representatives of VET schools and wellness tourism companies on the territory of municipalities or 

     regions depending on country specifics).


October 2018 - September 2020